In 2023, 11th edition of Hippo English Language Olympiad was held. 83,295 students from over 65 countries participated in the preliminary round. New countries joined our Hippo family this year too: Guinea, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait & Mexico! 

9,889 semi-finalists competed for their place in the World Finals. The semi-final round was held in bigger towns or cities in each of the countries. Hippo Association representatives were present in more than one country to wish the best of luck to as many students as possible.

The 2023 venues for the Qualifiers were Italy, Turkey and Istanbul, where we hosted 433 students eager to compete and qualify for the World Finals.

189 students joined us in Rome, Italy, from 27th to 30th September for the World Finals. Apart from taking English language examinations, they immersed themselves into an international environment, with students from 4 different continents. In addition to having a chance to use their English language skills to communicate with other students, they were also able to learn more about other students’ traditions and make new friends from other parts of the globe.

Representatives from 15 different embassies honoured the students with their presents and had a chance to talk to our coordinators about the importance of Hippo Olympiad in their country.